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Matt Gonzalez is not on the Obandwagon

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Matt Gonzalez almost almost won the San Francisco Mayor's race in 2003 as a Green Party candidate. I blogged about his campaign at the time, it was teh awesome.

Besides being a bonified Progressive, Matt also holds a JD from Stanford so he's not exactly a lightweight, dude.

Via Jeralyn, he writes today examining Obama's voting record and past speeches.

I remain impressed by the enthusiasm generated by Obama’s style and skill as an orator. But I remain more loyal to my values, and I’m glad to say that I want no part in the Obama craze sweeping our country.

Read the rest for some very specific, well reasoned points.


Oh, and about the man who won that 2003 race, Gruesome Gavin Newsom, he is not a progressive, he's a complete tool. He refuses to show up for public appearances (except if they're fancy parties), totally sold out to every possible business interest, and allowed insane high-rise condo construction all over the city. Murders are up year after year, but they happen mostly in the small ghetto areas so he doesn't do anything about them. The mentally ill and/or drug addicted homeless still line the sidewalks and don't appear to be receiving much of Newsom's vaunted "care not cash".

The gay marriage thing? Far from a "bold move" it guaranteed his reelection last year by locking in the support of the LGBT community. He ran virtually unopposed in 2006, after winning his first election by a very small margin. After a couple months of massive media attention for Gavin, same-sex couples still can't get married in SF.

Even so, Obama doesn't want to be seen with Gruesome. From Matt's article:

Why should we believe Obama has courage to bring about change? He wouldn’t have his picture taken with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom when visiting San Francisco for a fundraiser in his honor because Obama was scared voters might think he supports gay marriage (Newsom acknowledged this to Reuters on January 26, 2007 and former Mayor Willie Brown admitted to the San Francisco Chronicle on February 5, 2008 that Obama told him he wanted to avoid Newsom for that reason.)

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You skipped right over the moral Mayor's taking advantage of the vulnerable wife of his campaign manager and best friend while she was struggling with serious emotional and substance abuse problems. Damn nice guy all the way around.

Do miss Willie. An honest politician, in the old sense of the word.

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"Once I started looking at the votes Obama actually cast, I began to hear his rhetoric differently. The principal conclusion I draw about “change” and Barack Obama is that Obama needs to change his voting habits and stop pandering to win votes. If he does this he might someday make a decent candidate who could earn my support. For now Obama has fallen into a dangerous pattern of capitulation that he cannot reconcile with his growing popularity as an agent of change. "

Exactly. The article is a great reference, thanks for blogging about it.

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Thanks for bringing this up. I'll have to keep it handy to argue against the Obamabots.

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I admit I worked for Matt on his campaign for Mayor but Gavin has been better than expected. The gay marriage thing a month out of the gate. He didn't have to do that. He saw it as a moral imperative. And while his personal life has been troubled, he hasn't let them interfere with his duties. And he did get the first Universal Health Care plan up and running in the United States. And he is working to move ahead on major transportation infrastructure problems. On balance San Franciscans are happy with him. He did get something like 70% of the vote in his re-election. Obama won't get his picture taken with Gavin.

Matt's article is brilliant. Anyone who brings up the 1872 Mining Law in my mind is on fire. And the CAFA is simply so damaging to Obama. I wish I knew Matt's plans for the future. Kamala Harris, the SF DA, seems a lock to be the next mayor.

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He's a young man, should be quite the experience, who wouldn't take the ride?

Still, I will condemn anyone who votes for Nader, anywhere, any time. He is another one who is not as he seems, terrible person to be around, nothing noble about him.

Gavin I also have little use for, preening pretty boy squandering his abilities and potential on PR stunts and debauchery. Enormous opportunity wasted.

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At least the offer has been extended, sez NYT. Dunno if it's been accepted as I just saw the headline and have no time to read story until work is done.

Would explain why Matt is dissing other Dem candidates though.

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Exactly right. This is easily one of the worst pieces of legislation dealing with the environment. He did this, it seems, to pander to the Nevada mining industry. Here's a great article on the law from the Seattle P-I, a paper that oddly enough endorsed Obama:

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Thanks for the heads up on the VP spot, y'alls. I had no idea. Neither did BeyondChron apparently.


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... Gonzalez seemed to be a sharpie, and I was really impressed when I read his article last night, but now I have to mark him D.O.A. It's really too bad.

It's a sin to be shluffed off to the Lenora Fulani Wing of political coulda-woulda-shoulda, and I'd even back his play if the Greens did anything like elect local state legislature reps, but not this, not when it's proven that the GOP use Nader, every time, as a stalking horse.

If I'm against Obama's funding by conservatives, why the hell would I stand for this?

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Really, hope he doesn't do it, but hey; a semi-real national campaign for VP, what an excellent adventure.

That would be an "adventure" in the true sense of the word. You know the difference between an adventure and a trip? For it to be an adventure, there has to be at least one time where you ask yourself "What in the hell am I doing here?" and running with Nader will provide many of those.

Matt's punishment will be putting up with Nader, an absolute jerk and a price far too high for me but as I said, Matt's a young man and the scars will heal.

That said, a vote for Nader is a betrayal of all I hold dear; no forgiveness from me there, I'm afraid.

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With your past history of blogging support, maybe a campaign post - unpaid, to be sure - as Nader National HQ Boggerperson-In-Chief? Damn straight, why not?

Wouldn't count on it as a stepping-stone to a government sinecure but still, with full disclosure I would grab at it if I were you. Can't buy a ticket to a show like this one will be.

Seriously, go for it. Just be sure when November comes that you vote Democratic, eh? Secret ballot, only you and Diebold will ever know.

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Submitted by shystee on

Having the job of countering the endless "Ralph Nader is SATAN INCARNATE! Nader bears SOLE RESPONSIBILITY for Bush wins in 2000 and 2004" posts on the Dem blogs would be brutal.

The Green Party would have to pay me a lot of that Right-Wing undercover slush money.