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Massachusetts must be the best place to live.

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If Warren were advocating jail time instead of better forms (fer gawdsake) she might be getting more traction.

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are 1/16 Cherokee. That is enough to have them enrolled in the tribe, make them eligible for tribal benfits and to have the tribe intervene in my son's divorce and keep him from getting custody. So, I think they will l claim Elizabeth Warren, too.

She took advantage of the benefits she could. That's what people do when they aren't born rich. If she was enrolled in the tribe, she is native American, legally.

My other grandson i 1/2 hispanic, and if that minority status helps him pay for school, then I expect my son and his wife to use whatever they can. I'm a woman. I have used that minority designation when applying for jobs. You use whatever you have, because not everyone gets a fair shake without using whatever you have. Veterans get preference. My borthers all used that for college.

Warren ought to ask Mr. Brown how he paid for college. Wasn't that soft porn photos? Is that really better? I don't care, like I said, you use what you got. But don't be a hypocirte.

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ergo, she is not Native American, legally.
How do you get that Scott Brown is hypocrite because he posed in Playgirl and Warren falsely claimed to be a Native American?

The real problem for Warren is that Brown voted for Dodd-Frank so he defused her strongest weapon.
The only way she can win on financial reform is by calling Dodd-Frank a sellout-- in other words, by running against Brown and Obama and (since its a MA race) Barney Frank. Fat chance that happening.

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... in Warren's operation. Move over, Ilya Sheyman!

Note that Coakley had exactly the same opportunity to run on taking a few million from IIRC Goldman in fines. She chose not to, and lost, since voters (rightly) saw little difference in voting or staying home.

Now Warren is making the same mistake. Could be that the problems aren't tactical.... But institutional?

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The University made the claim, and the University probably brought it up, because it looks good on their books. They file a 'diversity' report [I sat on an Equal Employment Opportunity board] and everyone 'embellishes' those reports. If Harvard thought she could claim Native American heritage, they would include it.

I was in law enforcement and did the background checks for new employees. I had my boss' boss' boss calling me to 'expedite' the check on one young woman because he heard that she was also Black and Jewish. She didn't claim anything, and didn't need to because she was a great candidate. She ended up going to the State Police because they could offer her a much higher starting salary and better benefits than my little department could. It was the institution that wanted the credit for diversity, even though it wasn't on the employee's application [it couldn't be by law].

By treaty, the Cherokee are sovereign in deciding who is a member of the tribe, not the US government, Harvard, or any politician.