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Mass Register of Deeds O'Brien sends Obama's AG Holder 31,897 fraudulent foreclosure docs, asks for criminal prosecutions


On Wednesday, John O'Brien Jr., register of deeds in Salem, Mass., announced that he had sent 31,897 allegedly fraudulent foreclosure-related documents to Holder. O'Brien said he asked for a criminal investigation of servicers and their law firms that had filed the documents because they "show a pattern of fraud," forgery and false notarizations.

Granted, criminal prosecutions of the servicers. The banksters are the next link in the food chain.

So the bankster-lovin' Obama administration can put that in their settlement pipe and smoke it.

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The law against making false statements to the govt (the Martha Stewart law) is a felony with a 5 yr term. However, false statements related to banks have a much stiffer 30 year term.

“Whoever makes any false entry in any book, report, or statement of such bank, company, branch, agency, or organization with intent to injure or defraud such bank, company, branch, agency, or organization, or any other company, body politic or corporate, or any individual person, or to deceive any officer of such bank, company, branch, agency, or organization…”

The key words there are “body politic or corporate”– which means local government. So each instance of knowingly submitting false documents with a local deed recorder is a separate felony count with a 30 year maximum sentence each