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Mary Landrieu lies about single payer on her way out the door, so good riddance

The Inquisitor (not sure about the source, but they look like they could get a quote right):

The healthcare law has been considered President Obama’s signature domestic achievement, though Mary Landrieu tried using that to her advantage in a recent interview with a tea party radio host.

Landrieu noted that President Obama had wanted a single-payer system, or fully socialized medicine, and she said no to that and that it was “wrong for the people of Louisiana.”

So, the story's wrong (and they're not alone in this) that single payer is "fully socialized medicine," and Landrieu is (1) wrong to claim that Obama supported single payer, and (2) wrong to claim that single payer is “wrong for the people of Louisiana.” If single payer in Canada gives health care as good or better than ours, and it does, and saves a shit ton of money, and it does, why on earth is it "wrong for the people of Louisiana"?

Good riddance to Landrieu. She just muddies the waters.

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(of OPEC affiliates) anyway. She'll have a sandwich, cry a little, commiserate with Joe Lieberman for a while on the phone and then be back in fracking form in no time. This, after all, is what her internship in Congress was training her for.....

No, she will not be missed.