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Market fundamentalism on health care

Bush cuts loose with another one:

The initiative underscores Bush's belief that the nation's health-care system would be more efficient if consumers could shop for the best care at the best price, administration officials say. "The fact is, if you have excellent information about quality, about service and about price, people make good decisions," Bush said during a roundtable here to discuss the initiative.

That soundbite about "excellent information" is rich, coming from the guy who got us into Iraq on the basis of WMDs that didn't exist. Why didn't they go shopping on the intelligence instead of cherrypicking it?

And I'm all for transparency, but do these guys have any idea what happens in the real world when people get sick? Take it from me, when you're sick, the last thing you want to do is go shopping.

I could just see my Mom shopping for Coumadin after her stroke.

Or this cough turns out to be a lot worse than I think--but I can either gut it out or take a day off work to go shopping--and maybe lose my job.

These guys are always wrong about everything.

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