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Mark Warner (Democrat - Empty Suit)

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Senator Warner, Democrat, announces bipartisan group of 38 senators to encourage super committee to “go big” on deficit reduction

I know for an absolute fact that wherever Mark Warner appears, there are people with materials about Social Security; so it is not as if he does not know that his constituents care about Social Security. It seems he does not care what Virginians think.

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Exactly why would a man worth over $200 million ever give a good damn about the serfs and peasants that put him in power?

His descendents can live off of the capital he has accumulated forever without ever having to descend to "earning a living."

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The predecessor to Nextel, known as FleetCall, was founded in 1987 by Morgan O'Brien, a telecommunication lawyer, and Brian McAuley. The company changed its name to Nextel Communications in 1993. In 1995, wireless industry pioneer Craig McCaw became a significant investor in the company. Mark Warner, now a United States Senator from Virginia, and Jack Markell, the current Governor of Delaware, were also early investors.
The company was originally named FleetCall because it used frequencies designated by the Federal Communications Commission for use in fleet dispatch. The core of the business model was to buy these fleet dispatch frequencies at a substantial discount to the cost for the same bandwidth in designated frequencies set aside and being auctioned for wireless telephone service...