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Marie Antoinette updated

Let them eat shit:

The bottom line: Smart medical consumers can save money if they track their bills as closely as they monitor their health.

Sweet Jeebus? "Smart medical consumers"?

Or fucking cancer patients?!

Doctors removed the tumor on his small intestine and a third of his colon. He went home a week later, accompanied by his mother and a cousin, a nurse, who had come to care for him.

As Mr. Mannett recovered, the bills stacked up. Assurant wasn't making any payments, he says. Instead, the insurer demanded from Mr. Mannett the names and addresses of every doctor he'd seen for the previous five years, so it could verify that he hadn't concealed his cancer when he bought the policy. The investigation dragged on for months, until, according to Mr. Mannett, he called the insurer and warned that the next contact would be from his lawyer. Soon after, he says, Assurant paid the hospital more than $29,000, as well as several other bills.

Maybe the real solution is not to make cancer patients watch their insurance companies as if they were the thieves they are, but to eliminate the insurance companies entirely?

But n-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!

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need to spend their time doing - monitoring the medical bills. That would definitely be smart.

FYI, my husband got second and third degree burns on his feet standing on hot asphalt and wound up in the hospital for the afternoon. A severe asthma attack had left incapable of moving for a couple minutes. So he went in unable to breathe and with burns on his feet. By early evening, he came home. The bill for four hours in the ER came to almost $7000. His feet were cleaned and bandaged and his asthma treated. No surgery. No heroic interventions. His ultimate prescription was soaking his feet in Epsom Salts. That's it. $7000 for four hours. it's insane.

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basement angel: Yes, it's insane. Your husband was not a "medical consumer" but a human being in need of help.

All of this makes my blood boil, especially since the idea was, we were going to fix it this time. We were finally going to be like every other developed nation on the Earth and provide health care to our citizens. This was the only issue I cared about, the one that would make the most difference to the most people. And that's not going to happen. I have nothing but contempt for the ones who have engineered this and denied the will of the American people.

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came up with that line should get clipped like Marie Antoinette did.