If you have "no place to go," come here!

As in the Marcellus Shale, so in the Mojave Desert

After all, one of the salient features of being a peripheral, Third World country is that one's resources are extracted for the imperial core, yes?

NOTE And so with landfills, both in PA and upstate NY, which are also blessed with fracking for Marcellus shale gas, and up here in Zone 5b. The limos are the same. The golf courses are the same. The golfers are the same. The playbook is the same. The money is the same. The rent is the same. And when the extraction is complete, and the circus leaves town, the result is the same: Poison and death.

The resources, our homes, the lay of the land, the water and the sky, the varied animals and plants: These are all different, as are the tools of extraction. And so we perceive solar power in the desert, underground fracking in the hills and mountains upstate, and big dumps next to the rivers where the mills once were as different.

But they are the same.

UPDATE Reading some mail from Bruce Dixon, I should add that if we didn't have a landfill, we'd probably have a prison. The prison, too, is "the same."