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Map of the mid-terms Senate vote without legacy parties


The map below shows which party—and candidate—received the most votes in each county in last week's U.S. Senate election, excluding Democrats and Republicans. None of the candidates shown actually won. (Seats in which no third-party candidate received enough votes to register are crosshatched and marked vacant; states in which there was no race are left blank. Colors are randomized.)

It's actually a neat, neat research tool because you can hover over it and see the names of the candidates and their vote totals.* Here's the map:

Now, I think the Bloomberg article is a trifle misdirectional, because it seems to take Senate races as a proxy for emergent party strength, and so its verdict is in favor of libertarians. Howie Hawkins got 5% in the New York governor's race, and doesn't show up here. Asher Platts got 18% in a state Senate race in Maine, and doesn't show up either.

That said, Green Party fans might well ask "What the hell are the Greens doing so right in Arkansas"? (And also, Working Families Party in South Carolina? WTF?)

NOTE * Though a table view would also be useful to see everything at a glance.

NOTE The colors are a bit weird and seem to shift dynamically. Check the legend and note that Greens are not Green, confusingly.

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