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Very efficiently. As Susie says:

You fall behind on bills because you lost your job, and then you can’t get a job because you’ve fallen behind on your bills.

That's some catch!

The kind of catch that leads to permanently higher unemployment, a policy goal of both legacy parties, and supported by Versailles.

NOTE Why we need a Jobs Guarantee.

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although anyone who has been long-term unemployed *will* eventually find employment, it will just be at such a lower pay rate that it won't look the same.

I am positive Walmart will still hire people with credit problems - particularly if you can get a former bank manager to be a greeter at minimum wage! Imagine the skill and credibility those bank managers would bring!!

If you were running a large company and finding that outsourcing wasn't cheaper! better! faster! as you had hoped, wouldn't all the skilled labor collecting unemployment and getting their expectations "right sized" be appealing?

The large companies haven't given raises or have been able to cut pay by 10-30% across the board (well, not including The Board) and they don't have to give any increases while they push increases in healthcare cost to the employees or cut other benefits. It will take quite a while for anyone in the middle/lower pay levels to regain lost ground with typical increases of 2-3% a year.

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