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Man joins Army to get coverage for his wife's ovarian cancer

Shared sacrifice!

In March, [Bill Caudle] was laid off from his job as a raw materials coordinator for a plastics company called PolyOne, where he'd worked for 20 years. His severance package had provided several months' salary, but by August the paychecks were winding down. Soon the cost of his family health coverage was going to triple, then a few months after that, nearly triple again. They needed coverage so Mom [Michelle Caudle] could fight her cancer.

Dad's solution: a four-year hitch in the Army.

OK, that's the feature part.

Where's the bug?

NOTE And why the heck couldn't Michelle have waited until 2013, anyhow?

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military service for all young men and women in this country between the ages of 18 and 22. That way every citizen would get to experience the military's socialized health care system- and after they left the service, they would be eligible for health care from the VA.

It would ultimately leave us with a socialized health care system like the UK has. And I'll note that Britain's system seems to cost far less than even the single-payer countries.