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Mall run!

Yes, a mall run really does take a whole day, since the buses run on an hourly schedule, in order to encourage citizens to travel by car, thereby requiring a humongous war machine to "protect" the cars' fuel, and destroying our habitat.

Anyhow, great T-shirt: "Dog is my co-pirate."

And at the humongous grocery, I bought corn that I otherwise would not have bought, because it was local -- the name and location of the farm was right there -- and made sure to tell the manager.

Now, to go and examine my tomatoes again.

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Submitted by gyrfalcon on

from another rural resident.

How often do you have to take that bus to keep yourself stocked with groceries and other essentials, since there's not much you can carry on foot?

I have to have an SUV, in my case an aged 2nd-hand Jeep grand whatsis, both for getting up and down my sloped gravel driveway in winter snow and for hauling things like lumber and firewood, etc. Terrible mileage, although not actually as bad as higher-mileage cars that spend most of their lives in choked suburban/urban streets, no?

In any case, because the drive is long to get to anything more than the local general store, I plan my trips and my purchases carefully and don't do the drive up to "town" more than once every two weeks, at most, less often in winter. And with the cost of gasoline, I'm now planning my trips the 4 miles to the general store for no more than once a week.

So I'm not really sure who's got a bigger transportation-related carbon footprint, you or me.

(I don't even have the option of a bus here, so it's a moot question for me.)

Submitted by lambert on

This was an actual mall run to buy items at several stores (going south) and then food (going back up the system, north) and then home.

So I ended up with about 10 bags, and a shower curtain rod, all on the bus.

I'm not really rural, so I have different requirements from yours. My wood is delivered, for example.

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Submitted by bringiton on

If, say, you were to cut down that nasty Norway maple and replace it with fruit trees, you'd have fresh fruit to consume plus abundant firewood and reduce your garden mildew problems.

Or you could, I suppose, just wait for a good nor'easter to knock it into the house and then deal with it.