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Malaysia Flight MH 17 Shot out of the Sky

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Another tragic result of the many conflicts going on in the world. It should be obvious that nobody yet knows exactly what happened. And yet we have Clinton (Hillary) already spouting her rhetoric as though she has something to say.
In 2001 Ukraine shot down a Russian airliner with 70+ people aboard and vehemently denied any involvement. This was later proved false and they admitted they made a mistake during military exercises.
This is a time to stop, listen, and investigate the facts of what happened.
There are some reports the Ukraine military had active radar tracking of the Malaysian flight. The preliminary evidence indicates it was a BUK (SA-1) crew fired AA missile that downed the plane. The rebels (confirmed by Ukrainian military) say they didn’t have such a system. This is a sophisticated AA multi-targeting system not operational by amateurs.
So, keep your powder dry and wait for the facts, which are non-existent at this time. Who did this is not known, but it may well have been another tragic screw-up by the Ukrainian military…
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Submitted by V. Arnold on he seems to be very credible. Obama and his war hawks are heading for serious trouble.
Putin will not be bluffed or bullied and what the U.S. id doing is insane.

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I disagree with hillabilly they do not have the skills needed or equipment only manpads and they can't get that high. The Russian didn't do they have nothing to gain from this act, only those that do would do something like this. Instead of follow the money, it's follow who gains.

We'll just have to wait until something breaks on the story other than Russia bad and Amerikas Ukrainian Nazis good.

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... but I'd appreciate it if we could use "Clinton" or "Hillary Clinton." Frankly, the snark of 2003 - 2006 didn't do squat, as we see today.

You might also consider that "hillabilly" will never be discovered by any reasonable search, and if you want your comments to be throwaways, why are you posting them?

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...what they're talking about. Only a few have a clue. A rehash of what's already out there.
Nothing really new...

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... that must be assessed. Every plane crash I've followed (Asiana, MH317) there's been something useful at pprune. As I said, it has to be sorted, but that's a value add for a blogger.

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That's why the BUK. One recent story says that the separatists captured one.

The thing that bugs me is two Malaysian Airlines aircraft. That just seems a little bit too coincidental to me.

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...BUK; it's a system of multiple rockets and radars. It has a range of 45 kilometers and ceiling of 72,000 feet. It can track 21 targets at a time. Very unlikely the rebels had the skills to use it even if, big if, they had one.
Look at my embedded link with Cohen. He's not buying the American/Obama bullshit.
These new sanctions are footsteps to war when combined with the downing of MH 17.
The insane war hawks are firmly in control, may the gods help the world...