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Make mine a "One-Term Bitter"

Having a beer with Obama from the White House brewery. Then, of course, there's the "The Audacity of Hops."

And "Trojan Horse Ale." Readers? Suggestions?

NOTE Via commenter Jim Haygood at Yves Place.

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Submitted by jawbone on

I wonder why the WH homebrew made the news today (covered on Weekend Edition, The Guardian) when it has been covered previously (St. Patrick's Day, Super Bowl party -- honey ale identified as the brew each time....). Interesting.

My Cablevision broadband was acting up for the past three days, but I thought it was my own PC. Fortunately, either the company noticed it or a neighbor did, and it's supposed to be fixed, per the guy in the cherry picker working on the line this afternoon.

I'd been knocked out of sites, the PC was freezing up, typing was a real bitch (and I'm having hesitancy, but not the longer freezes even as I type right now...uh oh), MS said there was some kind of screen conformity missing and it would dump me --and my comments-- out of Corrente. A bitch. Please may it be fixed. But, again, some freezing right now.... Oh, dear, what can the matter be?