If you have "no place to go," come here!

Maine Residents: Help Maine People's Alliance Campaign for Single Payer

Via email, Maine residents only, please:

If you care about funding MPRC's work for universal single-payer health care, please drop everything and click here to cast a write-in vote for "Maine People's Resource Center" in the Bangor area.

If MPRC wins, the $5,000 prize will go towards kicking off a statewide door-to-door canvass for universal single-payer health care, during which canvassers will knock on almost 109,000 doors in 200 towns across the state. It will lead to an estimated 45,500 conversations with Mainers to foster public understanding of and support for a single-payer system in Maine.

To help MPRC win this contest, simply go here, fill in your information and write in Maine People's Resource Center in the Greater Bangor region (this is the region we're competing in). You can vote for non-profits in two other regions (but no more) and then click "Vote!"

And, Mainers, please pass this on to all your friends!

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