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Maine Green Asher Platts beats back Dem attempt to challenge his ballot signature

Great! Bangor Daily News:

PORTLAND, Maine — A longtime Portland Democrat said Wednesday afternoon she will no longer challenge the state Senate candidacy of Asher Platts, a local Green Independent Party leader.

Anya Trundy, who worked for the Maine Democratic Party for several years before 2010, filed an official challenge with the Maine secretary of state’s office earlier in the week, arguing Platts did not gather enough valid signatures for a spot on the November ballot.

But late Wednesday, just hours after local Green Party representatives began publicly claiming their candidate was the victim of “dirty” political maneuvering, Trundy withdrew her challenge.

“Information has come to light [yeah, through press releases, radio shows, and Facebook] that Asher Platts has enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, for that reason and given this new information, I’m withdrawing my request,” Trundy said in a statement distributed by the Maine Democratic Party.

Platts — a writer, podcaster and T-shirt maker who has gained a loyal following under the name “Punk Patriot” — is running against District 27 incumbent Justin Alfond, the Democratic Senate president, and Republican Peter Doyle.

Making Trundy Alfond's cat's paw, right?

Platts was the only legislative candidate in the state whose petitions to appear on the ballot were challenged, although Deputy Secretary of State Julie Flynn said two challenges were filed in the Washington County sheriff’s race as well. ...

“I’m not going to pretend to know what their motives were, whether it was more malicious or less malicious,” Platts said of the challenge. “I think it does come across as political bullying. I used to be in the Democratic party, and when I saw this sort of thing happening, it really put a bad taste in my mouth.

Even better, the way Platts handled the signatures was really great. He personally gathered 102 signatures, two over the minimum, and then went on to gather signatures for others. This is in great contrast to the way the legacy parties gather signatures, where they pad their numbers with throwaways to survive challenges. For Platts, however, not only did he know that his 100 was solid, if the Democrats won and invalidated them, he'd be perceived as having been punished for an act of altruism: Going on to help others instead of padding his own numbers. Very smart. The guy's top notch. He'll do well.

NOTE One of the nice things about the new wave Greens is that they've got instantly memorable names: Ursula Rozum. Asher Platts.

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V. Arnold's picture
Submitted by V. Arnold on

Civil politic in the U.S.? Why, who'd a thunk?
One can only hope it's virulently contagious...

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Submitted by McDee on

One thing that has always bothered me about the Greens: "Oh no, we didn't cost Gore the Presidency, etc"
Certainly the W administration was something no Progressive would want to be responsible for, but still...what's the point of running?

I've always thought a better response would have been '' damn right, and we'll keep on costing Democrats elections until they 1) shape up, or 2) go the way of the Whigs and Federalists.

Safe state strategy? Puhleeze...The biggest roadblock to Progressive reform today is the Democratic Party. The sooner it takes it's place in the dustbin of history the better!

Perhaps this "new breed" of Greens will run to win, accept the results, and rub the Dems noses in it if the Dems lose.

Submitted by lambert on

And Bush v. Gore was a long time away for them.

Platts and Rozum both strike me as very sharp, very savvy, and so far they've acted in a principled fashion.