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President Obama yesterday declined to rule out legal consequences for Bush administration officials who authorized the harsh interrogation techniques applied to "high-value" terrorism suspects, saying the attorney general should determine whether they broke the law.

Good. Morally good, Constitutionally good. Politically good? Not in the short term.

The right will hate it, and unhinged leftists like me don't give a lot of credit for what should be the baseline -- holding high officials accountable when they break the law. Doing what you're supposed to do? OK, fine. Now surprise me! You're the one who wanted to be President...

UPDATE Leahy, too. Good. If the Republicans are set on holding their breath 'til they turn blue, let 'em. Go ahead on your own. The country has an accounting to render to itself, and if letting go of the bipartisan schtick is the only way to make a searching and fearless moral inventory, then so be it.

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I'll believe it when I see it. How many times over the last two presidents and 8 years have we heard one thing and gotten another?

Here's something interesting. Obama says its up to the AG but Feingold says its the AG and Obama:

"The final decision will be up to the attorney general and the president, but I urge the Justice Department to take this matter very seriously."

Which is it? What is Obama's role? Is he trying to come out of this looking completely independent? I ask because he has a lot of political capital and if he is so damn great like we've been told over and over again (to the tune of a billion dollars) then he has the ability to push the debate where he wants it to be.

The noncommittal response is not very encouraging to me. But still, it's perhaps better than it was a week or two ago. Now if we can keep applying pressure maybe we can get him to actually *do* something. Hitting his legacy seems to be quite effective. Gee, who could have guessed that?

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Here it is: Make a verbal acknowledgment of liberal concern. Let the progressives jump up and down saying that its the greatest thing in the history of the world. Let the V2M* show how the left loves Obama's boldness. Obama does little, if anything to actually change things (see Stem Cells), but since V2M extols his virtue people are left with an impression that he did something good.

This was the same pattern with Bush even before proggers joined in the V2M chorus. Unfortunately for Bush this pattern broke down in the face of the Katrina devastation that no one could hold. (But notice how later devastating hurricane coverage was downplayed, as if we have made FEMA into a functional unit.)

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This bullshit claim

Obama does little, if anything to actually change things (see Stem Cells)

has previously been made. It was bullshit then, the refutation unresponded to because there is no defense of the bullshit, and it is still a bullshit claim now.

Obama has done everything he can do under federal law to facilitate stem cell research. He has completely reversed Bush's limitations, returned federal policy to what it was under Clinton, and directed the NIH to begin funding research that was previously banned under Bush's policies. Claiming that Obama has "done little, if anything to actually change things" with regard to stem cell research is - at best - complete bullshit.