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Madam Speaker in her own words

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Speaker Pelosi gives an interview. Nice get for Maddow.

Transcript here.

Full video:

Please discuss among yourselves. I'll be travelling today, so blessed relief - no commentary from me!

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science science science science!

i'm in love! although i'm sick of all this wellness and prevention talk. we really do need to have a profession that does focus on and treat sickness, and we need to be able to pay for it too. i don't want my doctor[s] to tell me to lose weight and quit smoking, that's not what they went to umpty-ump years of expensive school for. i want them to diagnose my troubles accurately and give me the right drugs and perform the right surgeries. it's a huge waste to have them lecture people on living habits. we can do that on blogs for free. so i'm really only in modified rapture over the sciencesciencesciencescience for now.

good on the torture investigation/immunity, i like her response on that, but the wait to see what obama wants to do in iraq and leaving only 20,000 troops instead of 50,000 and the implied we're the only ones who can solve afghanistan's problems -- i don't like any of it.

but thanks for posting this.