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Mad as Hell Doctors in Gary Indiana

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Single-payer health-care system touted by supporters

GARY — Unlike recent town halls and tea parties focusing on health care reform, there was little vitriol, name-calling and rage at McBride Hall in Gary on Friday.

Rather, the 200 local retirees, union workers and officials, and health-reform activists who gathered listened and clapped to support physicians backing a single-payer health-care system.

The doctors, part of an organization called, were en route to Washington, D.C., from Portland, Ore., in a tour to arouse public support for a single-payer health system. They said a single-payer system, either operated by a government agency like Medicare or a not-for-profit foundation, would eliminate insurance companies and middle men, dramatically cut profiteering and save enough to insure all Americans.

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These Docs serve the role of the little kid in Hans Christian Anderson "the king is naked." Why doesn't everyone realize that congress, Dems and Reps, consents to the enslaving of Americans to the health care insurance bandits.

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... that these local events tend to get perfectly reasonable local coverage -- and I'm betting that's a more trusted source than the national press.