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The lying will continue until confidence improves

Shorter Yves.

However -- and I hope this is cynical enough; I do try -- the whole point of the stress tests is that they are a lie. The whole point is to lie, have everyone know it's a lie, and get away with it; the worst kind of power trip imaginable.

Only when our banksters are sure that they can keep lying -- about their balance sheets, about their business practices, about their deals, about their fees, about their salaries -- will "confidence" be restored. To the banksters, that is the very definition of confidence. Rahm already told us this, in the clearest possible language.

NOTE Of course, we already know the results to the stress tests. Again, it's just like dealing with a bunch of teenagers: "Everything's fine, we just need more money." These are psychopathic teens, of course -- who'll just steal the money, or wreck the car, or burn down the house if they don't get their way.

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