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"Loyal Bushies" at "Justice" turn on each other

And it couldn't happen to a nicer clutch of weasels. WaPo:

The Justice Department admitted today that officials "may have provided inaccurate and incomplete information" to Congress about the firings of eight U.S. attorneys, and turned over new documents laying the blame for the inaccuracies on the attorney general's former chief of staff.

That chief of staff being Mormon Bishop Kyle "Fall Guy" Sampson, who, as it happens, is testifying before Patrick Leahy's Judiciary Committee tomorrow.

"But I'm telling the truth now!"

The problem is these guys are all twisty as corkscrews--no doubt due to their religious training in casuistry ("Missed you at Bible study, and all"). So how, exactly, do we separate "the truth" from today's cover story?

The new documents indicate that one of the department's most detailed communications with Congress on the issue was largely drafted by Sampson. A Feb. 8 e-mail by Sampson lays out the main points that would later appear in the Feb. 23 letter, including the claim about Rove and an assertion that Griffin was not chosen for appointment to Little Rock until Dec. 15.

Instead, numerous e-mails from Sampson and others show that Griffin was effectively chosen for the spot by the summer of 2006 and was moved into a place-holder job in September to ready him for the appointment.

Well, I'm sure all Republicans aren't liars. And the name of one will come to me shortly... Let me see... Hmmm...

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