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Louisville Fraternal Order of Police goes completely round the twist

Check this out:

And here's page two:

Just read them. (Adding: I'm sorry if you have to squint, but I wanted to preserve the provenance with the tweets, where the images aren't any larger.)

There seem to be rather a lot of people suffering from extreme anxiety who have very little to be anxious about. It's weird. And I'm also getting a little tired of the "hero cop" narrative. See the following chart, via Quartz, from BLS data (I've added helpful annotations):

So, if there are heroes to be sought, look to fisherman, who are about ten times more likely to lose their lives on the jobs than cops. And then there's this, from the same BLS data set, but reworked by the Daily Mail:

In other words, cops are very well paid for the lesser risks they take; by this comparison, taxi drivers are the heroes! The Daily Mail adds:

It seems the stereotype of taxi drivers carrying gun in their glove boxes is well founded, as America's cab drivers die more often than police officers, and are more likely than cops to be killed by violence.

Shockingly, violence is actually the top killer of taxi drivers, even more so than vehicle accidents.

Equally surprising is that the reverse is true of police officers, who are more likely to die in vehicle accidents than they are through violence.

If you really want to save the lives of police officers, and you really want to let them be real heroes, then take away their cars, take away their guns, and make them walk the beat.

The model -- exemplified by the Louisville FOP's whackjob letter -- whereby the essence of good police work is whacking black people with impunity, must end. (In the 12-Point Platform, this comes under the heading of #10: End the Wars, which includes ending the militarization of the police, along with ending the so-called War on Drugs, which has done so much to turn the police into an army of occupation.

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Not a lot of specifics there, like who it is they think was lying and what they were lying about. A letter like this probably could have been written by just about any FOP in the country, with only a couple of proper names changed to suit the locale. If they were a little more detail-oriented here, it might be easier to understand what their point is.

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"Soon, we may have to ask you to rise with us."


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Yes, that bit was kinda creepy, and not unlike the sort of thing you read in propaganda from fringe groups.