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I'm having the best time punting around the C list; the writing is so much better, and the subject matter is so much more interesting. Here's a great paragraph from eye of the storm:

speaking of art: it's amazing what's hapnin on general hospital these days. i mean it's very typical for sweeps month to get the whole cast at a party and start a gunfight, a fire, a blizzard, and a series of explosions; it might take weeks before you realize that only a minor character they introduced two months ago is actually dead, after the miracle surgeries etc. but now claudia - a paradigmatic super-bitch only much much worse only actually just terribly terribly misunderstood only multiply continuously homicidal and deeply crazy although really just sad and so lonely only sexually obsessed with her brother etc, played by the very-fine and notably buff sarah brown - is heading to the bold and the beautiful or something. so she's being written out in an elaborate way that embroils the whole cast in total disaster. it's a mafia/physician/pregnantwomen conflagration: gh apocalypse. every member of the ensemble has multiple motives to kill claudia, while she has multiple motives to kill everybody, that lovely psychotic bitch! can't get that shit at the met.

No indeed.

Plus, any blog with a tagline like "serving all your concrete slab and abutment needs"....

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General Hospital used to give first class, grade-A soap. It has spent the last 10-15 years circling down the drain. And while that sort of sounds awesome, it also sounds like the show continues to revolve around a misogynistic gangster and his brain damaged hitman, not exactly great for a show aimed at women.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

heh. i never, ever understood why a woman like that would be with an ugly guy like him. that was a perpetual topic back when my sister and i watched GH during the summer vacations when school was out and we had the time. that was in the late 70s and early 80s, but i heard that L&L made some kind of soap comeback, since then. i confess: i totally want to write the script for a soap opera. i mean, think about it. other than abortion and gay sex, you can talk about *anything.* i could have such fun, writing a daily sheet of scandal and adventure and sex. come to think of it, i believe they even allow gay relationships on soaps now, along with interrracial dating. wonders never cease.

i took some time off the A list and i wasn't sorry, speaking of blogs. i made it a point to spend my daily news reading time looking at gay, "minority" and single payer blogs, for about a month. it was edifying. really, most A list blogs are hardly worth the effort, these days, in the sense that they aren't talking about anything new or original. i'm not complaining: blogging is a tough job and i understand that if you're going to do it full time, you've got to satisfy the boss. A list bloggers may not have "bosses" in the traditional sense, but their revenue streams are tied to blogging about the "correct" topic in a timely fashion. so they write about what they're told. may the FSM bless Lambert for making something else possible here, btw.

i have to check to see if and greta christina are on our blogroll. those are some vibrant communities, i'm telling ya! trannies, furries, lesbians, atheists and closet cases, oh my! the other thing i like to do is click commenter links. when i'm not in the mood to do the A-List 100 but i still want to read something on the glowing screen in front of me, i often find the most interesting links from commenters. you people here are really the Best at that, i'm just sayin.

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A couple of years ago Lulu Spencer, Luke and Laura's daughter, got pregnant by Tracy Quartermain's son Dylan. After much thought and a whole lot of pressure from the Quartermains (especially Edward) and her brother Lucky to keep the baby, Lulu chose to have an abortion. In the context of a soaps storyline, Lulu was a very good advocate for women's reproductive rights. She delivered clear explanations of just what "choice" means. And she had to fight some heavy pressure.

Yes, GH is a very guilty pleasure for me, especially since Robin Scorpio returned.

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I wasn't all that into Luke & Laura, but GH rocked in the 1980s (I preferred Robert Scorpio myself and found the Quartermaines hilarious). Now, like most soaps, it's a shell of its former self. And the storylines are more reactionary these days than liberating. I stopped watching AMC when they raped their lesbian and gave her a baby to desexualize her, followed shortly thereafter by AMC undoing Erica's famous abortion in the 1970s. Which now that I think about it sums up nicely what ABC soaps have become, zombies of their former selves cannibalizing their history, instead of using it properly to enrich stories, so that they can limp along a little longer.

Having said that, I've always thought I'd be scary good at exec producing a soap opera. Wanna head up my writing staff?

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i never liked soaps [although i adored soap]. i think the team of cd and bdblue might be worth watching. y'all should consider it.

Submitted by hipparchia on

i take exception to your 'shallow' characterization.

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Another way is that the show realized they had a talented actor who had chemistry with their lead ingenue and so scrapped the original storyline for a different one. One that, it turns out, helped propel the show into the ratings stratosphere. I wasn't an L&L fan, but when I watch old clips of Tony Geary and Genie Francis, they do have a whole lot of chemistry and I understand why the show made the decision it did.

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Will feature a several week long guest stint by James Franco. A guest stint he requested.

I really like James Franco, thought he was totally underutilized in Spider Man 3, and I was really pissed they killed him off. He was also really good in Flyboys.

I just can't imagine why he'd want to do a stint on a soap.