If you have "no place to go," come here!

Lord Kos, will you pick up, please? We have a post for you to censor and a poster for you to ban!

That didn't take long.


Not to relitigate, but too, too funny.

Except, well, not.

NOTE As you see, the poster views Obama throwing Valerie and Joe Wilson under the bus with concern. FISA [cough] reform not so much, but, like the man said, that was a long time ago and we'll hope it wasn't true...

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You know how to pick 'em. The comments are hysterical! The "creative class" all sticking their fingers in their ears, humming merrily away.

One of my favorite lines: "The Obama Experiment: thrilling, sickening, scary...I can't wait to see how it turns out." Bet that person has health insurance.

Best comment on that thread: "I bet Obama knows a lot of stuff now that would have scared the crap out of him as a candidate. I assume whatever he does is for the good of the American people. Also the more he acts like a moderate politician the more popular he gets. Even Rasmussen can`t get him lower than the high 50`s in approval now." Ah, the principled stand of a devotee of a site dedicated to electing more and better Democrats.

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Submitted by Damon on that The Great Orange Satan is the WalMart of the Blogosphere?

Oh, yeah; I just went there. (haw)