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Looting class watch: Another huge upward transfer of wealth


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to the Master Class. Strip them of what little they have and make sure the rich get to pick it up on pennies on the dollar. Damn these Corporatists.

Damn these modern Dems to Hell. (Which I don't believe in, but they're sure working hard to please the overlords, along with the Republs, and are making life here on earth a hell for so very many.)

I say I want to have a revolution...

Interstingly, more and more of my friends see this as the only way to correct what's going on these United States. They are giving up on politics and see the anger of the unterbussen as the only way to achieve change. One friend says he fears that the underclass with the most guns is not of our view of things...and any revolutions will be ugly, violent, and have a bad outcome.

But, Obama is now, for me, totally the Worst President Evah.