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Looting class killers: Chase foreclosure practices murder a man, cause a miscarriage

Stupid and evil. Read it, with the attorney's filings. And since there's obviously a corporate three-ring binder driving this, there are doubtless other cases.

If corporations are people, why can't we give them the death penalty for their crimes?


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All I can say is that I'm certainly glad our Democratic president has as his current Chief of Staff a former JP Morgan Chase Vice Chair and head of the Office of Corporate Responsibility. I'm sure Bill Daley will have this practice ended in no time.

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They did this to people who paid off their fracking mortgages, for cryin' out loud. Who did exactly what they were supposed to do. Who were responsible. I'm really tired of the "poor and irresponsible people defaulting caused the crash" meme, and this is the icing on that cake. [Link is to gq's excellent takedown of that meme.]

There is no circle of hell too ghastly for these banksters. We have got to seize our country back from them. The sooner the better.

(I have had a lot of chats with friends recently which end up with the friend saying something like "it's going to go abruptly from people feeling overwhelmed and helpless to riots in the streets". Interesting to me is that so many people I know think this is likely to happen.)