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Looting class drives up coffee prices with speculation

McClatchy. Jeebus, it's one thing for the looting classes to crash the world economy. But messing with my morning coffee?


Submitted by jawbone on

and losing large sums really doesn't impact them, they just throw it at any areas where they think they can make even more money.

And screw the underlying economy. Screw the non-wealthy. We are only on their radar as prey, things to be sucked dry of whatever wealth we have.

Top One Percenters --especialy the tippy-top TOPs-- are so removed from the effects of what they do they have absolutely no compunction about wrecking markets and nations, much less worry about individual lives.

Including the housing market. Until there was massive blowback. Entirely cushioned by the taxpayers.

Lemon Socialism: Profit privatized; losses socialized.

Looks like any representative democracy can be bought out and controlled by those TOPs and Tippy-Top Tops. They worked non-stop since FDR to achieve this great imbalance in income distribution. And look what they do with it.

Submitted by lambert on

Top one percent of the top one percents?