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Looking for Green shoots on election day

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So I went to my polling place and voted for Eugene Puryear and some other DC Statehood/Green Party candidates. There is a real possibility that he could win.

Should Muriel Bowser win, that would create a vacancy on council for the fourth ward seat. Green Party member Renee Bowser will probably run again. So there is a real possibility that DC could have two Green Party members on council.

I will be watching NY state to see if Howie Hawkins breaks 10%, but even more I will be watching the Finger Lakes region and Hudson River Valley to see if an local Green Party candidates win. Likewise I will be watching across the country for local Green Party candidate victories, especially in Michigan, where Democrats have completely failed to protect the public interest.

I will also be watching Seattle to see if they can elect another Socialist Alternative candidate to the city council.

Given the enourmous popular disillusitonment with the legacy parties, emergent parties had a huge opportunity in 2014, but for the most part they were not in a position to take advantage of it. Most of them are still not committed to doing the sort of things that win elections, such as building a data base of identified supporters and training party members in the basics of grassroots politics. But if we can make even a handful of break throughs they will supply the model for 2016 and beyond.

What are you watching this election cycle?

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Here in New Mexico there are no Greens on the ballot. The party lost ballot status after the 2012 election. That's one of the problems. No real left of center party is going to be rolling in cash so a large amount of their meager resources are spent just getting on the ballot. There's not much left over to do the kind of grassroots work that's needed but that work is indeed, needed.

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I hope Asher Platts wins, but I have the feeling (no evidence) that he will do respectably, but not win.

I'm also watching New York; I didn't now that Ursula Rozum was Howie Hawkins' campaign manager. She is such a sharp cookie.