If you have "no place to go," come here!

Look, I know libertarianism was propagated by corrupt torture-mongers like Milton Friendman

And if liberals would just stop sucking nobody would be slumming with assholes like the Pauls. (Ritual disclaimer of distinction between leadership and dull normals.) Anyhow, this is a fine takedown by Mark Ames.

But when you've got liberals/"progressives"/loyalist Democrats cheering on the War Party* and not doing squat about the Fourth Amendment... It's hard to get excited. I think it's like the 2012 election: The Hispanics and the gay bundlers threatened Obama with real pain, and got something for it. The and Keystone types didn't, and got nothing. Same deal here. The only way to get the liberals to pay attention is to threaten them with real pain, and that means taking away money and votes from them. Otherwise, they won't listen.

I'm running this version because it has an advertisement; what an interesting datapoint.

NOTE * To be fair, Obama butchered his Syrian project so badly they never got the chance, really. But the "humanitarian intervention" clowns were all over the discourse like a cheap suit. Just stop it. Stop it. Stop it. And I know there are exceptions: Grayson, Wyden. But as a collective -- and a party is a collective, and its individual members are rightly held accountable for the performance of the whole -- the liberal/career "progressive/loyalist Democrat faction of the polticial class, which controls the government right now, really does suck. Really really badly.