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Longview Port Tentative Settlement Mentions Occupy


Submitted by Alcuin on

The ILWU was not happy with the support of the Occupy movement. Thus, this:

• The ILWU must request all outside groups, including other labor unions and the Occupy movement, to refrain from picketing at EGT. The Occupy movement and Cowlitz Wahkiakum Central Labor Council had called for mass pickets of the first incoming ship to load grain at the EGT terminal, which is expected within the next few weeks. The union is allowed to resume its picket if collective bargaining talks break down.

It's all about hierarchy and control, isn't it?

Submitted by MontanaMaven on

stay within the law? Interesting that Frank Joyce, labor writer and activist, is talking about this as we speak on Sirius Left's Dave Marsh show "Live from the Land of Hope and Dreams." He does a weekly segment called "Most under reported story of the week" and this was his lead story. He thinks it is significant that Occupy is actually mentioned and that there is some sort of alliance that can come together, but could also part ways. It is interesting also that Dave Marsh said "How are they going to demand something from a leaderless organization?"

Submitted by Alcuin on

When has change occurred in this country by protesters staying within the law? That's the whole point of law: rules enacted by the elite to assure that they get to stay on top of the heap. If takes civil disobedience, which the unions have long since sworn off of, to achieve change in this country. Trumka wouldn't come out and sanction the Operating Engineers for scabbing, so we know his position on achieving change, don't we?