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Long time prominent CA Dem Marcy Winograd gives up, joins Green Party

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Marcy Winograd recently took part in a radio debate with a Progressive Democrats of America leader on the subject of whether progressives should leave the Democratic Party.


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Thanks for the link, jest. I listened to it and found that both Marcy and Dorothy were civil to each other. I have to side with Marcy, though. There comes a point when, as she said, she just didn't like the rest of the people she was in the room with. At some point, we have to stop deluding ourselves and speak out. Marcy is doing just that. What most irritated me about Dorothy Reik's position is that she kept on saying that no one listens to the Greens and that since they weren't one of the two football teams on the field, they would never gain any traction. That is so self-defeating! If enough people get together to form another party, those people can raise enough of a ruckus that the duopoly will start to pay attention. Did anyone pay any attention to the 99% before September 17, 2011? Marcy was very much in favor of Occupiers joining the Green Party. I think that is a great idea - the Green Party stands for just about everything that the Occupy movement is in favor of. Yet, we hear nothing from the Occupy people about the Green Party. Instead, they are joining forces with the Occupy the Dream people. Why??