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Just something.... for a change of pace- Lambert usually chooses stuff I like from YT- Stones, etc. New World Symphony- IV (part 1). Something about the combination of moods here just got to me. Oh, and great "watch" too- Herbert von Karajan, conductor.

Part 2 on the flip.

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that I forbore making making any political comments in my post- but for me I just couldn't help listening with a second ear- our current political situation in the "New World"- the bombast of war, spring time yearning for something sweeter, a dirge too, at one point. I was just knocked back.....

edit- the whole thing-

Mvmt 1
Mvmt 2 part 1
Mvmt 2 part 2
Mvmt 3
Mvmt 4 pt 1
Mvmt 4 pt 2

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glad you liked this.

I heard just a part of it while driving to work. (yes, I admit I was listening to NPR). I always try to "guess" the work and composer, and I was all over the place on this one, as I listened. Parts of it seemed "Aaron Copland"ish, other parts very European.... etc. etc. I finally went to the NPR site, and saw what it was... no wonder I was all over the map in my guesses from the part I heard in the car!