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Lloyd Blankfein: "Doing God's work"

NY Post:

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein has purchased a massive estate on Ocean Road in Bridgehampton, which was listed for $32.5 million. The deal includes a second building parcel for a total of 7.4 acres. ...

The main house includes seven bedrooms, a formal living room with a wet bar, a formal dining room, an upstairs great room, a pool and a tennis court. All of it is hidden behind hedges and a winding driveway.

Blankfein still owns a Parsonage Lane estate that he had been trying to sell. He had it on the market for close to $14 million but was unable to find a buyer.


As in Blankfein's other "facilities," the toilet off the master bedroom will be refurbished with a splash-proof, military-grade, multiply redundant motion-detecting concentric ring of metal atomizers that sprays a quick-drying coating of pure gold onto each turd that drops from Blankfein's perfumed rectum, in real time, He having "done his duty."

That way, not only will Blankfein's shit not stink, it will shine!

NOTE "Doing God's work" quote.. My fond hope for this post is that whichever GS PR flack ends up reading it can't get the picture out of their mind, leaves the profession, and takes up honest work.

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