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A Little Help, Please: Re New Obama Plan, Looking For Answers to These 15 Questions

Questions Re the New Obama Plan:

1) How hefty is the excise tax on the middle class for their “Cadillac (bur realistically "Chevy") Plans”? (has the burden been shifted to the rich as in House bill rather than middle class per Senate bill)

2) Is there still the mandate one MUST purchase insurance. What will the penalty be? Will the IRS be monitoring the citizenry on this? Will citizenry be monitored and criminalized far more than the corporatists with their shenanigans?

3) Will pre-existing conditions be waived without a punishing increase in premium cost for a patient?

4) Will the exchanges be nationally controlled or by the state. By the state means cheapskate states will punish their poor. Nationally is fairer. Senate bill called for state control of exchanges.

5) Will undocumented immigrants as in the Senate bill be forbidden from ALL coverage in exchanges and subsidies? They will have to resort to expensive emergency room visits and/or be at the mercy of and spread contagious diseases. Their money (especially that of healthy younger immigrants) will not help expand the risk pool for the citizenry

6) Will 45,000 citizens a year keep dying until the bill begins in 2014, as does the Senate bill?

7) Will the anti-trust exemption for insurance companies unfairly continue to protect them despite their huge profit-making?

8) Will there by a strong Medicare Commission to watchdog Medicare? The Senate bill supposedly set up a “toothless” one. Are there serious fraud preventions?

9) The Senate bill gave the pharmaceutical industry 12 years of patent protections though certain drugs that apply were developed using PUBLIC funding. Will there be re-importation of prescription drugs from Canada or will it be forbidden as it is in the Senate bill?

10) How much of a drain on Medicare will Medicaid be? Are we stealing from working class Peter to pay working class Paul?

11) Will insurance companies be free to charge much more based on age and physical condition, such as cholesterol level, blood pressure, diabetes, etc.?

12) Will citizens be allowed to choose own doctors and hospitals?

13) Can insurance companies set up shop in the less regulated states to escape accountability? Still enjoy the profits of across-state line selling? (as with Delaware and credit cards)

14) Will individual states have the power to ban the right to abortion in all exchanges if they so choose?

15) Is there any expansion of Medicare for All, say from age 55 and up. Is there Medicare for All option if a state decides to institute it?

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Submitted by jawbone on

on Obama's subsidy plan (which is subject to change, of course).

This was posted by NealB at TalkLeft yesterday.

15--AFAIK, no expansion of Medicare whatsoever. Too liberal for our Corporatist president.

13--AFAIK, this is not in Obama's "plan," but he is open to Repub ideas he has told us...stay tuned.

12--AFAIK, under Medicare yes, but, again, Obama has his eyes on "improving" Medicare, so watch out. Otherwise, it will be up to the insurance parasites.

11--Not clear. Seemed to be allowed under Senate plan (a way around both age and existing conditions controls). Really, have no idea. No details from BO.

7---I read there is no consideration of changing the insurance companies' anti-trust exemption.

3---Pre-existing conditions are not to be used to bar coveage, but, iirc, the Senate bill left wiggle room, and the Senate bill was conceived by Baucus and Obama, so....

All subject to change.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Jawbone... I am a generalist but will do the homework as best I can with the numbers and tables. Thank you. And it does seem the senate stuff that is pro-corporation even more than house will prevail. Even more bottom feeding.

Obama and the numbers. Too little, too late for those of us with clarity, but if he can wield his "impression management" in the short term -- maybe ram something through for his survival as a political gamesman. True leadership not his capacity apparently.

Obama's health care talking point from beginning was "pre-existing" conditions. That was his incremental offering to health care reform during his presidency???? It was the most efficient and obvious and easiest to speak about and easiest to be abused later on though technically on the record. So he can pour the appearance of empathy into that one compelling talking point, even though that protection can be so seriously violated by loopholes which he has no interest in actually following up on closing. Wait for it. He will appeal to this one if or if not his program ... not flies.... lumbers anywhere.

Our leaders do not deserve the public trust. And the public is still stuck assuming that there is any remote reason to offer a "public trust" to the avaricious raping corporate and political elite class.

Insurance companies are really, in essence, obsolescent or should be fiscally speaking, but our government sold us out for so long. Just reading how Clinton helped sustain the low taxes for the rich. All that deregulation.

And these monsters. Still the anti-trust exemption. It is truly stunning. There seems no capacity for conscience. They are so far gone and enmeshed with the oligarchs.

45,000 people dying a year, and that talking point is so buried, like those citizens who have been and will be! Mad-teapartiers aren't the only ones who should be hopping mad and them for the wrong reasons.

We gotta rally, the rational and truly liberal people in this country. I know the evil is paralyzing to behold. But we need to see it, call it out and fight it with the few in the halls of power left with some honor and integrity.

I appreciate your response, thanks!

Even in my own social network, I am dismayed at the apathy! I am so grateful to come here for sanity and proactivism.

Submitted by jawbone on

people interviewed see excise tax as good thing. It will cause employers to offer cheaper plans, and the less comprehensive coverage will force patients and doctors to question what is done for the patient. And, if it costs enough through copays and all the other games insurers' play, it will force patients to forego treatments not absolutely necessary. Or, they die off sooner.

And that's how it ought to be, to these people. Including Obama. (Yes, I'm editorializing here. No one mentioned the class aspects during the NPR report. Or the more egregious outcomes....)

If you can listen to the report without throwing things at your radio or PC, it gives a good idea of Obama's thinking and how much the Versailles insiders appreciate what he's the people. BTW, Cadillac plans are that only for the non-Uberwealthy; otherwise, their the deserved benefits of high value employees or the rich.

How dare those little people have health access as good as the rich! How can we get rid of the surplus population otherwise? With stingy enough plans, who needs death panels, eh?

(My PC's OK; the cat was on my lap and I couldn't reach anything dangerous to throw....)

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Yeah, the power of vocab... "Cadillac plans" .... comprehensive plans are an outrage to the elite who want their "Rolls Royce" plans but God help anyone else to presume to not struggle. That hyperbolic language "Cadillac" compared to shabby health care, the union fought benefits of the Cadillac plans.. the elite want equality among the bottom 95% ... and will take away STILL all that they can take even now... even after the horrors of bailout wounding, they need to dismantle any croutons of comfort into crumbs... small crumbs.. this the Versailles contingency. It is really awesome how our representatives are so not representing us... don't have the sense of duty to, even the silent colluders who since they were not part of the solution then were a mighty part of the problem even if they are not stars of rampant opportunism, they are basketing the benefits and guilty of selling out the public.

I have to be careful. I know I am easily emotional and "shrill", lambert's assertion notwithstanding. But I think there are layers of denial we all must go through now as active progressives. Some serious catching up to do. We got traumatized by horror of Bush, but Bush was in the foreground, while in the background .... termites of greed and amorality were there busily eroding what we thought was a working democracy.

We are in a big mess. collectively and for most of us in working or middle class personally.

I google a lot and pick up conclusions, and I admit they spill out without reference often when I start venting. My temperament I have acknowledged but I need to be more responsible. I am glad you called me on that Clinton reference. I just got so bitter when I read that. I know there are angles and nuances and disinformation... on the net, just on the mainstream media, but if it seems to ring true... it impacts me and I want to carry that information on or it comes out with a bunch of stuff. I am glad we all are a mixture of different temperaments and truth to power advocates. The bottom line truth. Finding it.

Thanks for addressing some of my issues. I will listen to your link at work. my home pc can't access it.

I have two cats that are comfort at the keyboard as I read of the atrocities.