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Limitations of VT's "single payer" bill

Here. Perhaps the best that cn be done at the state level? However, it's great to see the D and progressive blogs trying to help out the Vermonters on this one -- especially those that a true single payer bill would help.

Oh, wait...

NOTE Now, to be fair, this did make the rec list at Kos. So I'll be waiting for the front-pagers to start hammering it. Not.

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the federal government, as Shumlin seems to want to do. You not only have to deal with Obamacare, but with ERISA, which protects business-offered health insurance. I think Shumlin may be naive in trusting the plan's full flowering to Obama's good graces.

Now, if I were in Shumlin's position, I would implement full single-payer immediately, including a universal payroll tax and taxes on businesses, and an outlawing of business-provided health care systems. I would do it in a single penstroke and dare Obama to stop me. I would force a confrontation with the federal government.

But that's just me. I'm perhaps more combative than Shumlin.

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A lot more combative than Shumlin.