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Life in Versailles

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... to beat up Politico in favor of TPM, so I put this post in that frame. Personally, I think that Politico is a far more pure readout of what my enemies think than TPM, which has the career "progressive" protective coloration schtick down to a science.

Shorter: TPM is better than Politico because they're on a different stop on the Acela. Also too, Josh Marshall has stubble and designer-like glasses.

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Heh heh heh. I love this quote:

JVH: No, you respond to that charge. If you are going to make that charge, and you are going to make it on the record—there is no one here who would make that allegation now. It was offensive to me, just like it was offensive to you.

Since when does anyone talking to Jim VandeHei give interviews "on the record?" It's always "administration sources say . . . " "persons familiar with the negotiations said . . ." "a source with direct ties told us . . . "

What's good for the reading public is good for Jim VandeHei. A reliable source tells me if you gave him an enema he'd fit in a matchbox.

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Wow, I've never read a "journal" pretty much admit that they don't report on issues and policy because they'd rather focus on the high school clique that runs our nation's capital. Am I mistaken or have they just outted themselves as the political version of Entertainment Weekly? Is Politico the first political tabloid?

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... have always been like that. "He came in and he trashed the place -- and it's not his place."

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Helping people understand Washington

That's as far as I got and knew right away that I don't want to understand the beltway. I want the beltway to be afraid of Main Street.