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Apparently now they're privatizing libraries, and the head of the company involved is very up-front that the cost savings come from kicking union employees to the curb and destroying pensions. Amazing that the Gray Lady can report this as if it's no big deal.

Hey, if you're out of work, at least you can go the library!

That is, until the local government can't pay the privatizer anymore, due to crashing revenue (and the privatizer inevitably raising their rates).

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is doing a weeklong coverage of the fix education documentary,"Waiting for '"Superman," and Washington DC's favorite superintendent, Rhee, has been on NBC for two days in a row.

Ive been searching my memory to recall if NBC, or any broadcast news channel, did anything like this when Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth came out....

Both are pretty important issues, one affecting the entire world, one affecting the US. Just sayin'.

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Thanks for the link.

Santa Clarita is in the high desert, IIRC. I remember very well the thirst for knowledge and reading when a library or even a bookstore comes to town, and the idea that private companies in "a ravaged economy" would ravage it still further just sucks. And why shouldn't librarians have a union? Maybe that's why they can stand up to the FBI! The private company will roll over in a heartbeat. Heck, they'll probably sell the data. Maybe somebody should find that out...

US Corporate Headquarters
Library Systems & Services, LLC
12850 Middlebrook Road
Suite 400
Germantown, MD 20874-5244

301.540.5100 phone
800.638.8725 toll-free
301.540.5522 fax general information sales & marketing public and media relations human resources

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As a low-income person I'm highly aware of what my local library does for me. Our system is under budget threats, though I haven't heard any talk of privatization yet. When my current computer goes dead, I may be even more dependent on my library.

But what really hurt about the story was the rhetoric implying that public library employees are freeloaders who need to be shaken out of their complacency. How dare they expect job security and decent pensions!? Let them suffer like the rest of us! That was what I took away from the story, and it's very demoralizing to feel, as I often do, that most of my neighbors think this way.

Divide and conquer indeed.

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... using the Philadelphia Free Library to blog from during the day, and then carting my laptop to WiFi hotspots in the evening (paying for my seat with coffee, and not a latte!)