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Liberty, you've had your say. I'm about to have mine

And what I say is shame on you.

Shame on you for taking for granted that you can make the kind of sexist remarks filling your rant at the beginning of this thread.

Shame on you for being so willing to turn your back on the first woman to have a realistic chance to win the Presidency.

Shame on you for refusing to recognize that there's a difference between Nancy Pelosi, who really does turn up her nose at her constituents' First Amendment rights because she views them like dirty fucking hippies vandalizing her precious flowerbeds, and Hillary Clinton, who knows what it's like -- first hand and with cameras and microphones growing out of the woodwork -- to have to weather an infamously unfaithful spouse in a national spotlight.

Shame on you for not seeing that pie in the sky by and by is the oldest scam anybody ever tried.

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Those of us of a certain gender, of a certain age, and of a certain time, have now lived long enough to wish for the current generation, children... that look and sound just like them, to them. That's what happens, because that's the nature of generations. And, the generation following us, will not escape the judgments of the generation which follows them. I wish Liberty strength to withstand the scathing attacks of the women which follow when s/he has failed to make the world easier for the generation which will judge him/her. The same as my mother had to endure mine. Time is a great equalizer.

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Loved the video too.

I hope I wasn't as insufferable to my Mom, but I bet I was. Might have been about something different, because I was always into women's lib, as it used to be called back then, but I bet I was insufferable.