If you have "no place to go," come here!

"Leverage" you can use now

No Blood for Hubris:

Every solicitation for money I get -- and I'm getting a lot -- I am returning by mail, marked with comments, like "FISA?"? "Single payer universal health care?" "Endless list of liberal dem pet cause principled stands to be taken asap?"


Why not? And the beauty part is, they want your money now a lot more than they want your vote later.

After all, your vote may have no place to go, but your money certainly does....

NOTE It's a good post. I like "... so very Cirque-du-Soleil Mongolian acrobat flexible...." How true, how true. So getting Obama to bend our way, if only verbally, would be bad why?

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Submitted by Iphie on

I suppose somewhere in the back of my mind I do believe that Obama could bend our way, I just don't think it's particularly likely.

But, wow! The solicitations I'm getting for money and the opportunity they give me to respond has made me glad they're asking for something -- as long as they're open to a response, I'm going to continue to answer the question they should have asked: "Why are you unwilling to give us some of that financial love you've bestowed on us in the past?" Oh, let me count the ways.

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Submitted by amberglow on

also on outside groups that have endorsed him in terms of donations are important-- and if groups like MoveOn or others who endorsed even tho Obama has never been good on the issues get clearly told why our pockets won't open for them anymore, they'll know why, and tell the campaign as well.

NARAL is a good example--they really outraged many longtime supporters when the DC people endorsed --

(he's holding big$$ fundraisers every night now tho--it's lower down at DSCC and even state/county party orgs are already feeling it i think--their volunteer/staff base and reliable longtime supporters/participants are not Obama people for the most part at all--unless Obama's pouring money into those lower down things too?)

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Submitted by Aeryl on

Who are poverty stricken, holding back money we've never given is a pointless endeavor, so I'll just withhold my vote.

But only from Obama. I have the opportunity to maintain a true progressive in Congress, and vote against Mitch McConnell, which is always bonus.

Bill Clinton for First Dude!!!