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Leverage, revisited

Again, the leverage that works now is not giving the Dems any money 'til they clever up (as opposed to the idea that your only leverage is your vote).

That would include down-ticket races, unfortunately. Why?

Because, as any economist would tell you, money is fungible. If you give $1.00 to Good Guy Dem A, all that means is that the DNC doesn't have a spend a dollar on Evil Fuckhead B. Eh?

This happy thought is prompted by the Senate having voted for cloture on FISA, meaning a filibuster is "pre-dead."

That makes FISA a done deal, so it's all over but the shouting and the posturing, which can take place at any propitious time. I'm betting after the Convention, so as not to subject Herr Professor of Constitutional Law Barack Obama to any pesky questions.

The Dems just sold the Constitution for a few pieces of silver from the telcos and a little more margin for a couple of Blue Dogs who'll fuck us over, soon as look at us. Tell me why the party deserves any money at all?

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"The five that did not vote today were, Byrd (D-WV), Clinton (D-NY), Kennedy (D-MA), McCain (R-AZ), Obama (D-IL). "

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I included a note of thanks for the Congressman's support of HRC in the PA primary. They'll probably toss that and just cash the check, but I figure that all the elected folks who failed to get on the pony during her primary surge are in line to be "punished" now, and will be for some time, no matter WHO is or isn't getting the rest of the DNC's money (and at $4mill in the bank, which is petty cash, really, WGAF?).

I've really tired of trying to out-think and out-strategerize people I think are my opponents/friends/whatever at this point.

It's all very straightforward for me at this point: Sestak stood up with HRC ==> I threw something in his hat. End of story for me.

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that i don't know if I'm voting for them this year or not, based on Obama. I've told the ones who endorsed Obama that I won't vote for them this year - not that the very safely seated Mr. Berman cares about my measely vote.

I'm really angry.

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On the one hand, Udall's a strong candidate, and like two D senators would be nice.

On the other hand, I thought the same about Salazar, and look where he consistently ends up -- on the wrong side of just about every vote.

Udall won't position himself as more liberal than Salazar, because he has to capture the Western slope and its conservative voters. If you want to talk about having nowhere to go -- with a CDP that bait-and-switched Angie Paccione out of the slot she'd been campaigning for since almost four years ago -- this is the place.