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Letters from the Outer Circle

It's not a blog exactly, in fact it's a press release sort of page from Clarion University in Pennsylvania. One of their professors is in Beirut and sending updates as circumstances allow. I've seen portions of this--his casting of various parts of the country as overlaid by the circles of Hell as portrayed by Dante--elsewhere, but this is the source. Go read Dr. Patrick McGreevy.

And along the same lines our esteemed Juan Cole has an comment on The (Possible) Effects of Blogging On One's Career Particularly in Academia. Did his blog cost him a gig at Yale? Almost certainly. Is he weeping in his beer over this, or wondering whether he really should have kept quiet over "controversial" matters?

The question is whether Web-log commentary helps or damages an academic's career. It is a shameful question. Intellectuals should not be worrying about "careers," the tenured among us least of all.

Let us raise a mug of Sam Adams' finest in Drs. Cole and McGreevy's directions.

On a personal note, my house is about to collapse from the weight of mail from colleges around the country attempting to lure my HS senior son to their environs next fall. I know two names will be receiving special, and respectful, attention henceforth. Son of Xan has been complaining about the climate hereabouts since we moved to Tennessee. Neither Michigan nor northwest Pennsylvania should bother him in the least. Snow shoveling is good for the character.

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