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The letter I want the Democratic Party to write

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Dear American Citizens:

Although we have the White House and a majority in both houses of Congress, and although single-payer is the obvious clear solution to the problems of health-care cost and access, we have chosen a different path.

The American economy and the fiscal and physical well-being of you and your families are less important to us than currying favor with the insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and other health-related profiteers.

Regardless, please continue to vote for us as if your life depended on it.

Thank you,
The Democratic Party

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Submitted by tedraicer on

>I really think there's only one real answer:

>The middleman gives them a cut. I think it's just about that simple.

I'm always suspicious of simple or single answers; for example many House Dems are in seats so safe they could run on the money in their change purse and still win, but will end up voting for whatever plan Obama endorses because they feel obligated to support our first black President. I agree with Ian Welsh (something I don't always do) that if Obama pushed single-payer the House (if not the Senate) would pass it. So simply talking about "the Democrats" as a single entity and attributing to their behavior a single simple cause I think misses a more nuanced reality, and that matters because any hope for change is going to involve taking advantage of opportunities to divide and conquer the party offered by those nuances.

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The health care clusterfuck really has me ultra pissed off. Even more than usual.

I'd call the Democratic leadership a single entity, though.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

What kind of people run a primary the way the Dems did in 2008? The same kind of people who bail out big banks. The same kind of people who bail out the insurance industry. Same people who give retroactive immunity. Etc.

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Submitted by tedraicer on

>I'd call the Democratic leadership a single entity, though.

You got me there.