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Letter to the Editor: health care deform is a mess

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Vallejo Times-Herald

I did not sign anyone's petition to urge senators to vote yes on health care. Why? No one allowed room for comment. They knew this health care mess is wrong, and will cost We, the People more. I did not agree with the descriptions or statements. Here are my comments:

The health care game is a walnut shell game designed to bail out the insurance companies with new-by-force enrollees, some 33 million. This bill requires nothing of the insurance companies that they cannot circumvent by charging more. It sacrifices the needs of women. It sacrifices the needs of the people. It is not the most economic approach. That would be single-payer.

It would be politically smart and would transform the 2010 election. People are feeling their economic insecurity and never had health insurance parasites been so unpopular. Good government is good politics.

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