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Let's stop saying "third party"...

... and start saying "emerging parties" (hat tip, DCBlogger, in conversation).


Well, for one, thing, "third party" assumes that there are two other parties when, in fact, the two legacy parties are better thought of as a single, self-reinforcing system -- composed, granted, of two teams or tribes that hate each other (and us) -- rather than as separate entities that oppose each other on policies that would make our lives better.

For another, "emerging" has a very, very nice ring to it. And "emerging" implicitly distinguishes green and/or independent activity from Astroturf organizations like the Koch-funded faction of the tea parties, or OFA.

So, not D, R, and "third parties," but "legacy parties" and "emerging parties."

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Submitted by Joe on

I like this terminology. I have actually been telling friends that I think in 2012 a new party is going to "emerge". So I'll just make a habit of it.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

... the legacy parties are the ones with "arrested development" in terms of maturity. "emerging" .... does not quite do it for me. "Grass-roots evolved" party? Evolving parties? I like evolving more than emerging.

Does this make sense to anyone else?

Submitted by lambert on

Like "emergent technology," it has connotations of growth from seed, or of something important only recently visible...