If you have "no place to go," come here!

Let's play "Count the black people!" at Obama's campaign headquarters!

The count: zero [no-glossary]([/no-glossary]0).

As the Daily Beast remarks:

The photo is a testament to how overlooked diversity is in America. It doesn’t simply happen on its own, but has to be worked at.

Yep. Also, too, Obama hates gays and the poor. Of course, he's told all the women "Honey, I've changed!" So there's that.

Oh, the original photo is on the Obama campaign site. Since the Obama campaign is famed for it's technical prowess and political savvy, one can only conclude that the message is deliberate.

UPDATE I scanned the photo again, and my eyes aren't that great. So, maybe the one guy all the way in the back? In the hat?

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Submitted by par4 on

is that "Progressive" stalwart Russ Feingold?

Submitted by hipparchia on

that was my guess too. also, maybe 6-8 female people, one or two of whom look like they could perhaps be asian.

got at least one token from every group = got all the bases covered!

no oversupply of young white hipster dudes, there, no sirree!

Submitted by lambert on

... so I looked at the front and noticed the M/F division was not so bad. But looking more closely now, it looks like they moved the women to the front...

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Submitted by albrt on

Must not have quite the right credentials for a bank job (!) so they're all hoping for personal recommendations.

Submitted by Lex on

Oh, wait, now i see that they've all got the coveted little access badge on a neck lanyard.

Please come to my house this summer, motherfuckers, please, we've got a few things to talk about. Actually, i just have questions ... lots of questions that i don't usually get to ask torture apologists, war lovers, supporters of civil rights abrogation, and disingenuous fucks in person. Bring your cheat sheet, because you're going to need it.