If you have "no place to go," come here!

Let's not forget that Missouri's Governor Jay Nixon is a Democrat, mkay?

Because "Nixon," and because of the total pro-cop mentality, I just assumed he was a Republican. Silly me.

But in way I was right:

He rose to power as an anti-abortion, pro-death penalty Democrat, socially conservative with a center-left approach to economic issues. He has always been a staunch law-and-order man, even dispensing with the Thanksgiving Day turkey pardon when he became governor.

It was during his 16 years as attorney general, when he pushed to end a court-ordered desegregation program, that his relationship with many in the state’s black leadership soured. The bad blood infected his unsuccessful 1998 run for Senate, with some black leaders openly supporting his Republican rival.

Just another Blue Dog. Thank god he won't be on the 2016 Democratic ticket:

A week ago, Jay Nixon was a Democratic governor with a promising political future. Today, he’s a guy with a rocky recent past.

Of course, people can tell the difference between a fake Republican and a real one. You can tell, though, from the photograph above, that this hasn't registered with Governor Nixon. Double down, double down!

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