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Let's Leave Iraq!

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Let's Leave Iraq
(With apologies to Randy Newman)

Hate Kuwait City
It's old and it's cramped
And all the people there dress like Spa-creeps
Let's leave Fallujah to the IEDs
That town's a little too explosive
For you and me, you brown girl

Rolling down
Basra Highway
With a big nasty Burkha at my side
Scirroco blowin' in hot from the north
We were born to die

Blow out the windows, blow off the top
Crank up the Dixie Chicks, baby
Don't want no music cops
We're gonna drive it till we just can't stay on the road

From al-Basra down to Mosul
From the Tigris and Euphrates
Everybody's very nervous
'Cause the guns are shootin' all the time
Looks like another fucking day

Let's leave Iraq (done with it)
Let's leave Iraq (done with it)
Look at that fountain
Look at those police
Look at that corpse over there
We brought democracy
Look at these children
Their future's buried somewhere

Angry Shiite Muslims (We got 'em)
Angry Sunni Muslims (We got 'em)
End Timer Christianists (We got 'em)
Sufis! (We got 'em)

Let's leave Iraq
Let's leave Iraq
(Done with it)


Image of a Pleasure Vehicle from here.


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