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Let's just turn the Internet into a public utility

The Verge:

The internet is fucked
o ahead, say it out loud. The internet is a utility.

There, you’ve just skipped past a quarter century of regulatory corruption and lawsuits that still rage to this day and arrived directly at the obvious conclusion. Internet access isn’t a luxury or a choice if you live and participate in the modern economy, it’s a requirement. Have you ever been in an office when the internet goes down? It’s like recess. My friend Paul Miller lived without the internet for a year and I’m still not entirely sure he’s recovered from the experience. The internet isn’t an adjunct to real life; it’s not another place. You don’t do things "on the internet," you just do things. The network is interwoven into every moment of our lives, and we should treat it that way.
""Common carrier rules are basically free speech.""

Yet the corporations that control internet access insist that they’re providing specialized services that are somehow different than water, power, and telephones. They point to crazy bullshit you don’t want or need like free email addresses and web hosting solutions and goofy personalized search screens as evidence that they’re actually providing "information" services instead of the more highly regulated "telecommunications" services. "Common carrier rules are basically free speech," says the Free Press’ Aaron. "We have all these protections for what happens over landline phones that we’re not extending to data, even though all these people under 25 mostly communicate in data."

It’s time to just end these stupid legal word games and say what we all already know: internet access is a utility. A commodity that should get better and faster and cheaper over time. Anyone who says otherwise is lying for money.

Very good article.

And clearly, I need to revise the 12 Point Platform:

The 12 Reforms
I. Media Reform
1. Net Neutrality Make the Internet a Public Utility
2. Fairness Doctrine
3. Local Ownership of Media

Not ambitious enough!

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know about that but it should be free to everyone that wants it just like health care. The word public utility has a bad sound to if like the energy companies and so on.


This isn't true at all in that the fcc is just another arm of the corp. is was meant to protect us from and has the same revolving door problem all of govt. has.

Internet should be free and fast, Comcast has blackmailed net-flex and fcc looks the other way.