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Lessig Out

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The primary voters in CA-12 won't have Larry Lessig to kick around, he's decided not to run. He has a video up on his website, which I admit to not watching since I don't particularly care why he isn't running, only that we're not going to get another bruising primary between two candidates who agree on almost everything. But for those who do care it's here -

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Change-Congress initiative.

But I would pay good money to help outlaw the practice of people who are being praised, honored, or supported saying they're "humbled" by it.

Humbled is when you find out that people don't support you, not when you find that they do. I cringe every time an athlete or entertainer gets an honor and says s/he's been "humbled."

Humbled is not when you win the Cy Young Award. It's when you're forced to testify about your steroid use.

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I'm intrigued, too. When I have some time, I want to go back and try to find out more about the initiative. I thought it made little sense for him to run for Congress, especially since Speier appears to be a very fine candidate, but that doesn't mean I'm not interested in ideas he and others might have about making Congress better. Because we desperately need to do that, especially since I'm cynical about the ability of the unity pony to improve things.