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Legacy party kabuki

Digby's almost there:

After ACORN and now this [Breitbart/Sherrod] , I really have to wonder if the Democrats and Brietbart aren't actually working together on a whole Sistah Soljah campaign. It's a little bit hard to see why anyone over 10 years old would fall for the same ruse over and over again.

But then she falls back on the old familiar narrative of Democratic weakness:

Seriously [Damn!], this shows tremendous weakness. Andrew Brietbart is a con artist and and right wing entertainer whose antics should always be met with a cynical laugh and a shake of the head. To fall for his schtick more than once is political malpractice

"Malpractice" for whom?

As Aristotle said:

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Why is so hard for so many to accept that the Ds are what they repeatedly do?

NOTE So, not what Digby said. What Digby said, and then unsaid.

NOTE Nice to see The Big O collaborating with the Rs -- in thoroughly bipartisan, reacharound the aisle fashion -- to fire a black woman:

Sherrod told CNN on Tuesday that she was told repeatedly to resign Monday afternoon after the clip surfaced.

"They harassed me," she said. "I got three calls from the White House. At one point they asked me to pull over to the side of the road and do it because you are going to be on Glenn Beck tonight."

Does that make The Big O a racist?

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Submitted by al_schumann on

If anyone really believed it's weakness, and maybe some legacy party supporters do, why on earth would they stick with consistent wimps? For all practical purposes it doesn't matter why the Democrats act like vindictive wingnuts. What matters is they do so on a regular basis—regardless of how much support they get. Increased support makes them worse, if anything.

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... if one clings to that fatuous narrative, one figures a well-meaning wimp might rise to the occasion, while a vindictive wingnut is reliably bent on vindictive wingnuttery.

It's only by admitting that the Democrats affirmatively choose to be what they are that one frees oneself of the fatuity.

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I like how the The Drunken Pundit put it:

"This poor woman has been fired from her job because President Obama is a gutless piece of crap who believes in nothing except his own ambition and all the people who he has brought with him to the White House are an exact reflection of that"

What a Despicable Lot They Are

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continuing use of "kabuki" as a pejorative.

Not that I don't get the point.